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Wilangy Nig. Ltd. is an indigenous private limited liability company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja to do legitimate business here in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world. Its business includes: Civil and Building Engineering Services, Road Construction, Importation and Exportation of Building Materials and General Contractors, etc.

Wilangy Nigeria Limited, presents itself as one of the leading indigenious road and building contractors in Enugu State, taking advantage of its financial, managerial and technical competence to enjoy the confidence of the state ad its Local government councils in the execution of their projects. Wilangy Nigeria Limited has in recent past been awarded major building contracts in most Nigerian Universities including the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Institute of Ecumenical Education board ion, Thinkers Corner, Enugu, to mention but a few.



Because of our strong conviction that the success of any organisation is dependent on the strength of its organisational structure, dedicated work force and competent management, Wilangy Nigeria Limited functions with a dedicated board and sound management team.

While the board develops the company’s policies and contacts to create jobs for the company, the management team collaborates with the Chief Executive to ensure effective and efficient delivery of company’s services for the satisfaction of her customers.

Members of the Board include:

  • Chief Wilfred Okeke (MD)HND. Engr
  • Engr. H.N. Diala (Mining Engr. UK)COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Engr. D.O. Mbagwu B.Sc. MNSE
  • Engr. Mathew Ugwu (PD) COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Engr. VIncent Adani (PM) COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Chukwuma Okeke (GM) B.Engr. UNN

Management team:

  • Chief Wilfred Okeke -(Managing Director)HND. Engr
  • Engr. Mathew Ugwu (Project Director) COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Engr. VIncent Adani- (Project Manager) COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Chukwuma Okeke – (General Manager) B.Engr. UNN
  • Arch. Uchenna wulunze- (Company Architect)
  • Engr. Ozoekwem (Environmental Expert)COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Engr. Emeka Nwanadi (Director of Operations)COREN B.Sc. MNSE
  • Engr. Elias Rawad (Workshop Manager)
  • Dr. Fortune Ujunwa- (Health and Safety)
  • Godwin Iloh – (Quantity Surveyor)

Because of our strong belief in competent work force, Wilangy Nigeria Limited has always insisted on the employment of highly skilled and qualified professionals to handle its operations. As a demonstration of highly skilled and qualified professionals to handle its operations.

As a demonstration of this commitment, we place records some of the staff working for Wilangy Nigeria Limited. These staff have contributed immensely in the success story of the company. At present, they work very hard in order to meet the challenges posed by our numerous customers.